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Our new edition of the classic missionary biography, Borden of Yale, released on January 1st. It’s available at, from the publisher (Aneko Press), and on Amazon (the kindle version is free!). You can also request the book at your local bookstore.

Since the first week of December, I have been posting weekly excerpts from Borden of Yale, working through the final four months of his life (December-March, 1913). 

These snippets should give you the general “flavor” of his biography, although we have yet to arrive (as of late January) at the most gripping part of the story… 

Here are (in order from early December), the 10 Borden of Yale installments so far…

Borden on Missions and Marriage

Borden’s Yale Hope Mission

A Mother’s Final Farewell

Christmas at Sea

Borden Meets a Chinese Muslim On His First Day in Cairo 

Borden: Cairo for Christ

Borden of Yale Loves Football

Riots, Debates, and “Khutbas”

Crazy, Colorful Cairo

Borden Wasn’t Shy to Call Out Bad Preaching at Yale