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Wow. In this profound little article Doug Wilson, of which I have copied a portion below, he speaks of the need for real accountability in missions. Although not usually known for his missiological opinions, maybe he should be! (In fact, after a quick search through the archives, I found a few other helpful missions posts.) 

“Just about all of us have been affected (and in good ways) by the communications revolution. But there are downsides, advanced in part by our ability to move our ignorance around the world at spectacular rates of speed. But there is another danger besides high-speed gossip and slander, which is the danger of mistaking a superficial good for a real one.

Just like old-fashioned letters, on-line communication can solidify and buttress genuine friendships and family connections. But they can also be a cheap substitute for them. Let me…apply it to missions and networks of missions support.

One of the great needs of the hour in missions is true accountability, connection, friendship, and dedicated support. This need is obviously not met through complete detachment or abandonment. But neither is it met through a showy media blitz — whether an old school slide show and newsletter, or the new school web site with Facebook updates.

If someone is on the other side of the world, we should never forget that they are on the other side of the world. 

The cyber-revolution has made it possible for us to deceive ourselves about how close we are and, we think, if we are that close, there must be true accountability. No, true accountability is a three dimensional incarnation, and involves mastery of languages, a biblical form of governance, competence in bookkeeping, and true face-to-face relationship. Distance communication, whether done with papyrus or ones and zeros, is a true blessing. But it is built on the foundation of true face-to-face relationships — which should not be be confused with facebook-to-facebook relationships.”